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Getting Started with SEM Strategies

SEO Search Engine Optimization and SEM Search Engine Marketing play an important role in your marketing strategies success. These practices expand your website or mobile applications reach, traffic, increase your sales, add contacts to your marketing audience and allow you to get a closer look at your customer's demographic.

1. Targeted SEM Objectives

Chart out a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your campaigns before jumping into Analytics. What goals and conversions can be set to achieve your marketing goals? Do you want more website traffic, webform signups, product or service sales or brand awareness? How do you plan to track your marketing ROI and advertising campaign progress? Set business marketing up for success by refining your goals and strategy; and by doing so, you will align your analytics efforts with your marketing strategies.

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2. Critical SEM Metric Insights

Aligning your marketing strategy to your data analytics is critical to success. Ensure you are analyzing the correct data points that reflect your marketing strategies. Your data metrics indicate your campaigns progress and if you are achieving your goals. Increased web traffic, webform signups and increased online sales are a few metrics that are related to your marketing strategies. Clicks, Click-through-rate, Cost-per-click, conversion rate and marketing ROI are additional metrics that are important when analyzing your SEM marketing campaigns.

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3. SEO Analytics Marketing Web Tools

batt marketing agency seo analytics services az nmWeb tools are what used to track, analyze and report your SEO results. Typically, the platform you are using for your analytics, provides the marketing web tool features required for SEO Analytics. Google Ads, Analytics, Marketing Platform and other search engines offer the ability to connect your web or mobile application property. These useful tools allow you to see if your marketing efforts are paying off. Also, the metrics indicate what could be done to your marketing efforts to improve your results, allowing you to come closer to hitting your marketing goals. A few indicators are exit-pages, bounce rate, time-on-page, pages-per-session and goal completions.

Search Engine SEO Tools Include:

4. Sifting through your data

With your marketing strategies refined and connected to your secure marketing web tools, you are ready to start sifting through your data. More than likely, you will want to see your campaigns performance and your marketing ROI results. With built in insights, we can analyze if your audience is responding as desired with your marketing content. With keyword, location, audience, time, date, device and other demographic insights, we can drill down on improvements to your marketing campaigns, increasing your SEM success rates. A/B testing can be incorporated using the SEO/SEM web tools making adjustments to your content, improving your SEO Analytic results.

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5. Optimize your Marketing Strategy

batt marketing agency cip continual improvement process sem seo analyticsAchieving your marketing goals set initially in your marketing strategy, requires updates to made to your campaigns content based on the analytics from your marketing web tools. The adjustments made to your marketing campaigns increases the performance and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The (CIP) Continual Improvement Process allow you to test, monitor and adjust your content improving your ROI and hit your marketing goals.

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