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Email Campaign Strategies

Email Campaign Strategy Services

Engineered to grow your business

targeted email marketing services
Opt-In Email Campaigns

Add qualified contacts to your audience

Organizing and understanding data insights has become a key responsibility for any customer-facing role within a company. Our email strategy experts will help you make your audience the center of your marketing campaigns. We can collect, organize, personalize, market and optimize your efforts to improve your ROI.

We have partnered with Mailchimp Marketing CRM for our Certified Email Strategy Services.

AI Powered Email Optimizer

We can show you how your email campaigns engage customers against top-performing marketing campaigns in your industry and optimize your content based on suggestions for improving skimmability, typography and Call-To-Actions. Enhanced features are available as an upgraded Mailchimp Marketing Plan.

variable data email strategies
Variable Data Email Designs

Personalized campaigns that work!

When businesses speak to customers like individuals, everyone wins. Your customers will feel more invested in what we have to say, and over time, more meaningful brand awareness means more sales. Variable data is a powerful personalization email strategy based on tags.

Variable Data Tagging

Tags are custom labels we create for your contacts based on data only you know about them. When we are tagging your contacts based on interests or attributes it can help us to create more targeted email campaigns, and keep your promotional projects organized in the meantime.

email campaign webform marketing
Webform Email Strategies

Instant email feedback and RSVP's

In-line webform buttons within an email campaign allows replies and campaign engagement from the body of the email. (CTR) Click-through-rates are higher when the email campaigns include in-line (CTA) Call-to-Actions. The insights we can gain from these clicks allow us to respond and re-target with greater agility and percision.

Linked Account Services

You can securely and with confidence, delegate access to your business accounts to our professional administrators. Our certified email strategy experts will provide account management services for you, ensuring that your company is continually hitting it's benchmark goals.

certified email campaigns
High-Impact Engagement Emails

Video campaigns embed in design

The most engaged content on the Internet is videos. Driving high email engagement and increased click through rates using video promos is an excellent technique to enhance your email campaign's strategy. We have partnered with Envato Elements, to offer you Unlimited Creative Downloads of Digital Web & Video assets.

Video & Graphic Assets

Providing leading-edge digital assets, graphics and video effects that bring your projects to life! Leverage the Envato Elements subscription and allow us to propel your business marketing forward!

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Mailchimp Marketing CRM

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Certified Email Strategies

Meet with our email experts and gain access to promotional strategies to boost your brand!, and our partners Batt Industries LLC and WebAZ Marketing Agency, offer Full Service Marketing Solutions to online businesses. See what we can do for your business; Request a Web Demo today!

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